Depending on your boat it can run on several different types of engines, whether this is a twin or single, gas or diesel, outboard or inboard. Here at ARS Anglian Diesels Ltd we offer an independent range of marinized propulsion engines, industrial engines and even electric engines. We supply a large range to suit most vessel types and to suit each individual customer’s requirements.

Marine Engines:

Our marine engine range is provided by some of the leading engine manufacturers in the market place today:

  • Yanmar
  • John Deere
  • Beta Marine
  • Yanmar/Shire
  • JCB
  • Canaline
  • Volvo Penta


We provide a comprehensive power range covering from 10 HP up to 825 HP, these engines can be provided as a traditional gearbox drive or as a bobtail for fitting hydraulic propulsion.


Electric Engines:

At ARS we offer a full range of electric propulsion options, whether inboard or outboard mounted.

Our range covers a wide power range from 1KW to 25KW with our standard electric packages & our heavy motor duty range covers from 40KW to 40.000KW.

  • In Board Motors
  • Outboard Fixed Pods
  • Outboard Steerable Pods
  • Outboard Motors with extra-long, long & short shafts

A full range of batteries options are available, removable lithium ion batteries, 260 Ah Long life AGM Deep Cycle silicone batteries to Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.


Industrial Engines:

Our Industrial engine range are predominately supplied into building power packs which are custom built to provide our clients with a tailor-made solution to their requirements.   Our power pack solutions is incorporating the fuel, exhaust, cooling control panel, electronics & can also be provided with an acoustic enclosure.


For more information on our products or services, please feel free to call one of our sales engineers on 01924 332492 or simply fill in our Contact us form.

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