Do you need a Bow Thruster on your boat?

Easy docking and Confidence in all situations!

With a bow thruster from our range, anyone can dock and turn a boat, even in the tightest of places! Manoeuvring your boat into tight spaces, specifically in marinas can often be a difficult task, even for the advanced boaters. Our range of bow thrusters, for any type of sea going & In-Land Waterway vessels we can help ease the dreaded task of manoeuvring your boat.

Do you need a Bow Thruster?

A Bow Thruster is a piece of equipment that is not a compulsory component, the need for Bow Thrusters is predominately based on the wind area of a vessel & the boat owner’s performance requirement. Even though bow thrusters are not an essential component for your boat, it can dramatically improve your boating experience.

Here at ARS Anglian Diesels, we stock 2 types of Bow Thrusters; these are the Electric Bow Thruster and the Hydraulic Bow Thruster. An Electric Bow Thruster (DC Thruster) is based on its thrust, predominately used in leisure boats ranging from 20ft to 100ft. Secondly; we stock a Hydraulic Bow Thruster, which is the natural choice when extensive thruster usage or long run cycles are required.

What is a Bow Thruster?

A Bow Thruster is a device located at the bow of a vessel, which provides lateral thrust, enabling increased manoeuvrability of your boat. Our range of Bow Thrusters are suitable for all purposes providing equal thrust in either direction, and providing between 30 kgf to 1400 kgf. Bow Thrusters are usually a must for larger boats; however, we can provide them for boats ranging from 20ft upwards. Bow Thrusters usually come in handy when you are experiencing heavy winds or attempting to manoeuvre into tight spaces.

Why choose an Electric Bow Thruster?

The main advantages of Electric Bow Thrusters are that they are less space consuming, easier to install and can be a cost efficient alternative  Hydraulic Bow Thrusters due to it requiring much lower duty cycle capabilities. Our standard thrusters provide equal thrust in both directions, ranging from 30 kg to 285 kg of thrust.

electric bow thruster

Why choose a Hydraulic Bow Thruster?

The main advantages of the Hydraulic thruster are that a hydraulic system offers an economic advantage because of the possibility to run several systems on-board from a centralised hydraulic power source. This type of thruster makes docking easy, as marinas get smaller; safely docking a boat is more challenging than ever, so thrusters give you total control of your boat.

hydraulic bow thrusterhydraulic bow thruster

Need the Control Panel for your Bow Thruster?

Here at ARS we offer options of a single push button panel, single joystick or a boat switch panel. In addition where a stern thruster is also required we can offer double joystick panel or dual docking panel. These panels give a relaxed and user friendly control of the thruster. They have a compact size and easy operation; this together with easily manoeuvrable bow or stern thruster will make your sailing experience an even more enjoyable one.

The Archimedes:

Our own manufactured Bow Thruster, the Archimedes, is capable of 140 kgf thrust and is unique in its shape and design. The unique design gives many advantages, as this actually pushes the boat slightly backwards as well as sideways, therefore this helps the manoeuvrability of the boat. This high quality thruster, is British made by ourselves, with a high quality stainless steel shaft and blade. To find out more contact us today!

Boating is meant to be fun, so why end your day or week or month on the water with a stressful experience? ARS offers the help you need to be in full control of your boat when docking and departing, regardless of weather conditions and currents. The use of a thruster makes you less dependent on having a skilled crew, so this means you can go sailing whether you’re alone or with others. To conclude, having a Bow Thruster or even a Stern Thruster on your vessel will increase your sailing experience and make it a safer and stress free experience.

To find out more about our range of Bow Thrusters, contact us by clicking here and filling out our Contact Us form or by ringing our friendly sales engineers on 01924 332492.