Electric Bow Thrusters

Electric bow thrusters, located at the bow of a vessel help provide lateral thrust, allowing increased manoeuvrability of your vessel. Installing a bow thruster on your boat can dramatically improve your boating experience. They especially come in handy when experiencing heavy winds or when trying to manoeuvre into tight spaces. They allow you increased control of your boat, and make your boating experience an enjoyable one.

Electric bow thrusters (DC thruster) are based on their thrust. Mainly used in leisure boats ranging from 20ft to 100ft and often used in narrowboats. 

Our range of standard electric bow thrusters provide equal thrust in both directions. Ranging from 30kg to 285kg of thrust.

Benefits of our Electric Bow Thrusters:

  • Less space consuming
  • Easy to install
  • Cost efficient alternative to hydraulic thrusters due to it requiring much lower cycle capabilities
  • Increased manoeuvrability
  • Increased control  
electric bow thruster
electric bow thruster

Control Panels:

ARS offer a single push button panel, single joystick or a boat switch panel. Additionally, in cases where a stern thruster is required, we can also offer double joystick panels and dual locking panels. Our range of panels provide a user friendly experience and when used together with our bow thrusters they provide an enjoyable boating experience. All Side-Power bow thrusters and stern thrusters are equipped with the patented Intelligent Power Control (IPC) safety function.