Teddington Switches

ARS is an official distributor for Teddington Appliance Controls and so we carry an extensive range of Teddington switches. Teddington are a renowned name due to their design and manufacture of quality engine protection switches, used to monitor oil & water temperatures and pressures for all types of engines, pumps, gear boxes and compressors of most manufacturers. 

Our range of Teddington Switches can be used to run an alarm or activate system shutdown at a pre-set operating temperature/pressure. 

Temperature & Pressure Teddington Switches:

We supply and stock a range or Teddington Switches, including: 

  • DCA-A – The DCA range is a temperature alarm switch which provides reliable and accurate temperature response. The DCA is a single compact non-adjustable unit, due to its 32 A/F hex zinc plated and steel passivated steel body it can be directly fitted into the application. 
  • DCA-B – The DCA-B range of a pressure alarm switch and senses pressure through a small hole at the base of the thread. It includes a restrictor to prevent long-term damage through pulsing. It is a compact single unit with a 32 A/F hex zinc plated and passivated steel body.
  • Rubber Gators – We also stock a number of rubber gators for the DCA range to provide added protection.
  • DBG – Dual temperature and pressure switches.
  • DST – The DST range is a temperature fire alarm, it is a single non-adjustable unit, with a 24 A/F hex brass body. It provides fast temperature response due to a bi-metallic element located inside the main brass body of the unit. 
  • DSP – The DSP range of pressure alarm switches, consists of a single non-adjustable unit, with 24 A/F hex brass body. It provides pressure alarm senses through a small hole located in the base of the thread. 
  • Dual Temperature & Pressure Switches
  • JCB Switches

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